From the Garden

One of the most important things when we created Eco Dharma, was growing our own food. We truly believe that growing our own food is what will create opportunities to help the community as well as offering our guests produce grown with love. Love alone is an ingredient that will make all of our plant-based dishes unique.

We aim to grow everything in our edible garden by 2020, and whatever we cannot source ourselves, will come from local farmer’s markets or organic stores. We will thrive to buy local and seasonal produce. 

As production in our garden will increase we will aim to share and to freeze the extra produce too; so that we can have access to variety without compromising the environment in the winter months. 

Fresh & Organic

Building the edible garden with the help of our Permaculturists, Yassine and Joana, means that everything will grow in harmony with one another. Moreover, we will never use chemicals and pesticides but adopt only biodynamic farming practices. We are very lucky to have no commercial farmers in our vicinity, which will ensure, to the best of our ability, pesticides-free products.


Plant-Based Kitchen

8AM - 9PM

Our kitchen is free of animal products and we will create delicious menus for all retreats. For the most part, our retreats are full board, offering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

Golden Lounge

Our Golden Lounge will come alive this summer! The Golden Lounge is designed to bring guests a la carte menu of Turmeric inspired hot and cold drinks and light snacks. Everything created to be healthy, tasty and Golden! We work with our partners at t Wunder Workshop for the best roots and spices


If you are worried that a plant-based diet lacks in proteins, don’t! Even though nature gives us more than enough, we have partnered up the most unprocessed protein brand on the market to bring delicious, nutrients rick drinks and food to the table at all times!  That Protein is our official Protein supplement partner and we cannot wait to create vegan magic together!