Depending on your level of expertise, we can suggest different cycling trails. For mountain biking we prefer the assistance of local guides; you also have access to the Ponte de Lima Ecotrail. This bike path, that connects Ponte de Lima to neighbouring villages and landscape, offers a challenging, yet safe route for cycling aficionados. 

Nature Photography

There is nothing more beautiful than immortalising shots of nature to keep memories forever! There is no model in the world more perfect than nature and we are so lucky with our landscapes, that Northern Portugal has become a popular destination for Nature Photography. Keep an eye on the Retreats page, as we will be teaming up with professional photographers to take this hobby to the next level

Sanctuary Visit

Eco Dharma partners and supports the most wonderful space dedicated to Nature and Animals rescue. Quinta das Águias is located in a five hectare farm in Paredes de Coura in Northern Portugal, approximately thirty minutes from Eco Dharma. At its core, it is a sustainability project where all forms of life and the natural resources that sustain life are treated with respect and where every effort is made to avoid harming or spoiling them.

Water Sports

Viana do Castelo is popular for its beaches, which are excellent choices for sports such as surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and body boarding.

The most popular beach for these sports is Praia de Cabedelo Beach, where "on-shore" wind makes it the ideal place to learn to surf and also for the intermediate level surfers to have fun.


Eco Dharma is nestled on the edge of one of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe: Peneda-Gerês. The lusciously green forests surrounding us provide the perfect setting for amazing hikes! You can enjoy excursions from the Soajo and Peneda mountains to Sistelo's terraces, across Arcos de Valdevez. This area is rich in unique landscapes, history and culture. You can prepare for pure mountain air, streams, lakes and wildlife! 

We can assist in organising guided hiking tours or direct you to enjoy your own tours on the Ecovia do Vez. The latter is the easiest and safest way to explore the area without fear of getting lost.

 Canoeing and Rafting

Canoeing and Rafting in Northern Portugal is the dream! With so many rivers and streams, nature offers the right setting for whatever adrenaline level you are looking for. A popular route is down the River Vez, which is not far from Eco Dharma and there are good companies which can facilitate with equipment. 


For those who want to add city life and culture to the adventure in nature, Portugal has got you covered! Cities like Porto, Braga and Viana do Castelo, as well as Villages like Ponte de Lima, can offer a variety of city activities and history. This area in the Minho valley are also part of the route for El Camino de Compostela, a very popular pilgrimage route for believers.


Please note: activities are not organised by Eco Dharma Village, but can we planned through local tour-operators, and we can share the names of local companies we know of.

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