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Upcoming Retreats


Air and Water Retreat
September 13th - 15th 2019

Join Chantal for a fun weekend retreat mixing the soothing benefits of daily yoga and meditation with being by the water and having the opportunity to also try any water sport of choice! This retreat will offer the opportunity to relax and stretch and also have fun in the the sun.

Eco Dharma & Couraveg Conference
September 27th to 29th 2019

Join Eco Dharma’s founder , Chantal Di Donato, for a weekend of education and fun, as she participates in one of the most prestigious sustainability conferences in Portugal! You can spend the weekend enjoying an amazing B& B experience at Eco-Dharma and join the beautiful conference in Paredes de Coura and Quinta das Aguias!


Wunder Retreat
October4th -7th 2019

Join us for our first Wunder Retreat in collaboration with our Turmeric Partners at Wunder Workshop

We will practice daily yoga, meditation and hold educational workshops to connect to nature and learn about Super Roots for a weekend to remember!


Intensive Barre Teacher Training
October 25th to 30th 2019

For those looking for an immersive experience with barre or who’d like to escape the city life and enjoy 5 days of intensive barre training, this one is for you!


Reiki Level 1 Teacher Training
November 15th to 20th 2019

Reiki Level 1 hosted by healer Lauryn Allman is an opportunity to enliven your senses and to connect more profoundly with your self and the energetic world around you.

Nourish Yourself Retreat Portugal   June 20th-25th 2020

Janine is an experienced yoga teacher in both the Vinyasa and Yin Yoga/Mindfulness methods with over 13 years of teaching. Join her on her nourishing retreat next June here at Eco Dharma.



Eco Dharma has been created with the idea of disconnecting to connect!

Stepping away from daily routine, stress and also technology, you will find yourself immersed in nature, ready to plug out from the matrix and connect with yourself.


Explore Nature

Eco Dharma is on the edges one of the most beautiful National parks in Southern Europe, Peneda-Gerês, gifting us with some of the most extraordinary landscapes nature can offer, as well as an away of outdoor activities suitable for everyone’s needs!


Plant-Based Cuisine

One of the most important things when we created Eco Dharma, was food. We truly believe that growing our own food is what will create opportunities. Opportunities to help the community as well as offering our guests produce grown with love. Love alone is an ingredient that will make all of our plant-based dishes unique.


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