Reiki Level 1 Teacher Training

Holistic Healer and Yoga teacher Lauryn Allman will be hosting Level 1 Reiki training at Eco Dharma.

Doing the training on retreat allows us the luxury of a real deep dive into the ethereal realm and more space for for the knowledge to integrate and settle. Enhanced by a daily elemental yoga based class with Chantal and meditations with me, delicious plant based food and the opportunity to connect with nature, our course material will truly come to life.

In Reiki 1 we cover the history of Reiki, how to channel Reiki, the traditional hand positions to be used in practice on yourself and others, an introduction to connecting with your psychic senses, how to keep clear and grounded and of course we will finish with the Reiki level 1 attunement. 

*Please note: Reiki 1 begins as a self practice or practicing on loved ones, once you complete Reiki 2, whether with myself or someone else, you are able to charge as a Reiki Practitioner. The training is 5 days intensive 9am to 6pm


Residential: £900 shared / £1100 single occupancy

Non Residential : £300 / 350€ (if you wish to have lunch at Eco Dharma there will be a supplement to pay for non residential students)


Meet Lauryn

Originally from Calgary, Canada, I made my life long dream come true when I moved to London in 2014. In one part of my life, I am an actor and a writer and in the other I am a coach, Reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher.

I have a passion for helping people to feel great about themselves and comfortable within their own skin exactly as they are. I am playful, open and compassionate and teach in an approachable and informal way. I am excellent at breaking down concepts and techniques while making it all accessible, simple, easy to use and remember. Having completed my Reiki levels 1 and 2, at the age of thirtheen, I have almost twenty years of experience with the practice.  I teach not because I am a special enlightened being, but because I have dealt with things like disordered eating, depression, anxiety and burn out first hand, so I speak from a place of experience and understanding and know the value and power of these healing practices.