Our Story


Our Story

It all started…

Twelve years ago, with a visualisation! 

Fast forward to 2017 and the visualisation started taking shape when Kyle joined the “dream” and began helping it become reality! 

Eco Dharma Village is an eco-wellness retreat nestled in the charming hills of Arcos de Valdevez in Northern Portugal. Having launched in the Spring of 2019, Eco Dharma is the culmination of Chantal’s life-long desire to create a peaceful space in nature that would serve as a sanctuary for those in need of a calm and nurturing environment to reset physically and mentally. 

The retreat takes its name and inspiration from the concept of Dharma, or what one would subscribe to as the ethos and ethics roadmaps in our lives. Fundamental to this is a deep appreciation for nature and its ability to support healing, allowing us to be more in-tune with our natural rhythm and flow. The values of Eco Dharma are very much aligned with this: we are proud advocates of sustainable and kind living. 

We seek to use the most environmentally friendly materials and products at Eco Dharma. The retreat itself has been designed with this goal in mind: our geodesic guest domes have been made from recycled material, and the furniture has been purchased from manufacturers who up-cycled materials such as wood, plastic and metal to create new pieces. The retreat is 100% free of single-use plastics. By the summer of 2020 we plan on installing solar panels so as to be able to harness solar energy power for our guests.

Eco Dharma is built on kindness for nature and all living beings. We operate a completely vegan site with delicious plant-based cuisine. We are strict about this and do not allow animal products to be consumed on site, however we do offer wonderful alternatives aligned with our ethos. Our edible garden is being planted to bring the healthiest and most natural foods to our table for guests and the local community. The organic and biodynamic methods of farming that we utilise can ensure that our guests are receiving the highest quality plant-based-foods, free of harmful pesticides.

For retreats at Eco Dharma we work withcarefully selected teachers, healers and health ambassadorswho share in the same ethos. We seek to partner with wellness practitioners who care as much about sustainable and kind living as we do.

Important to us, we believe that compassion should be a shared value among all guests at Eco Dharma. We look forward to hosting you for a future retreat!