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Chantal Di Donato

Certified Holistic Coach & Plant based lifestyle expert, Yoga Teacher, Author, Nutrition and Diet Advisor, and founder of Live Lean Health and Eco Dharma Village.


Chantal Di Donato

“Hello, I’m Chantal, Certified Holistic Coach & Plant based lifestyle expert, Yoga Teacher, Author, Nutrition and Diet Advisor, and founder of Live Lean Health and Eco Dharma Village.

I graduated as a holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and as a Yoga Teacher from Aditya Yoga School in London, continuing to deepen my studies towards 500 hours certification and developing a practice called Element Mandala which connects to the phases of the Moon. 

As a full time Yoga teacher in London, I worked exclusively with Heartcore Fitness since 2016, becoming Head of Yoga in 2018. The love for the teachers and the practice is what inspired me to work with such amazing practitioners and now that Eco Dharma is finally a reality, to allow teachers to find a safe space to host their retreats and be looked after whilst they hold the space for their group.  

My journey started at seventeen, with a two years long battle with anorexia and over a decade long destructive relationship with food, which forced me to then turn my life around due to health issues by thirty. I realised I had to make a choice and connect all the dots to be healthy but mostly to love myself as I clearly was harming my body and spirit. It is an ongoing journey with ups and downs, but I am so much happier and more stable and my dreams are actually becoming reality! I am very lucky to have a great support system with my family and partner Kyle (who puts up with me all the time). 

I believe medicine is on our plates and I implement both nutrition and lifestyle in my coaching practice, which as a result, translated in Eco Dharma being a space where lifestyle and nutrition are key points! 

I am a healthy vegan, food activist and author of  The Live Lean Health PlanThe Live Lean Detox plan and Innocently Sweet,   creator of the Live Lean inspirational Cards, contributor to OM YOGA MAGAZINE and speaker at international events and workshops.

Visit my website and Instagram page for more details on my schedule and coaching practice.”


Kyle James



Kyle James

“I got onboard with Chantal’s idea for the Eco Dharma project not too long after attending her 2017 retreat in Tuscany. 

The retreat had come during a transformational phase of my life. I was decompressing after breaking from a demanding corporate career and shedding old thoughts that had weighed me down. I was in search of ways to improve my wellness at a time when I had become unbalanced and was feeling the stresses of modern city living.

The retreat started the process of helping me to mentally rejuvenate. It gave me the authentic environment I needed to re-connect with myself and I learned new ways of finding stillness in my mind that would help to ease my mental fatigue. I felt a clear boost in my physical state after a week of yoga practice, being in nature and eating organic vegetables right from the garden. 

After that I wanted to be a part of bringing that natural health experience that Chantal curated to a broader community which brought us to Portugal as we took Eco Dharma from idea to reality. One of my hopes for our retreat is that it brings in an uplifting environment for our guests, providing the authentic setting where positive growth and transformations can occur.”



Malgo Dzierugo

Photographer, PR & Marketing Consultant

“Having studied Art History in Poznan and Berlin, I graduated from MA in the summer of 2010 before moving to Cambridge, a place I knew I wanted to call home from the very first time I visited here in 2007. The years came and went, and my search for purpose and creative fulfillment has seen me practice and teach yoga; set up Espresso Library with my partner John; complete in half-marathons, middle distance triathlons and a marathon; and work in social media & web management in London for Heartcore. I now head up PR & marketing for Lumie along with looking after the website & social media for Espresso Library as well as consulting for Eco Dharma.

From the very first moment Chantal and I had the chance to chat, I knew she was onto something. Her values, ideas, compassion, purpose and determination align closely with mine, and I am delighted to be able to play my part in bringing Eco Dharma to life.”