Yoga at Eco Dharma is a journey of self discovery! Our founder and amazing selected teachers who will be hosting retreats here, will share their wisdom and knowledge of yoga philosophy, elements and everything that makes up true yoga. 

Style will differ depending on the teacher so check out the retreats page for details on each.

Yoga classes are only available during the retreat and not generally open to the public. However, we will be hosting some community classes for locals and those will be shared on our social media platforms.

Energy and Sound

Energy and Sound therapy, such as Reiki, Gong or Tibetan Bowls, will also be part of our retreats as provided by our guest teachers. We believe energy and sound are key elements for healing the body, paying attention to those inner and outer vibrations that surround us all the time. 

Keep an eye open for specific retreats offering these services as well as event. 



Meditation is certainly a fundamental of any holistic practice. A still mind can see things clearly with focus, and with our ethos of re-connection, this seems like one practice we cannot forget about. 

Each retreat and hosting practitioner will hold the meditation style they are familiar with in the space they are holding; please read more about each retreat for details. 

Public meditation classes will be shared on social media channels. 

Teacher Training

Eco Dharma also offers a training module that our founder will share with guest teachers who bring more wisdom and knowledge to the program. 

The intention is to launch TT programs in the fall of 2019 with Yoga TT 200 hrs, Reiki Teacher training (5 days intensive for each level) and more. Connect with us for more information about the Teacher Training Program or if you want to host yours here at Eco Dharma.