Eco Dharma Yoga School



Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

March 1st to 24th 2020

Matt and Chantal

Join senior teacher Matthew Huy and Yoga Alliance Professionals teacher Chantal Di Donato for a unique, life changing Yoga Teacher Training in a stunning 5 stars historical hotel in Northern Portugal! The training will be held at Hotel Paço de Vitorino, a stunning 18th century palace, to accommodate all the needs for our full-time Teacher Training.

Aside from the splendid setting, Matt and Chantal teamed up to offer a very comprehensive and ground breaking 200 hours training to create the next generation of Vinyasa Flow teachers! The focus of our training is to inspire teachers to use their personal experiences to lead beautiful classes, with themes that resonate to us as humans, aligning the art of Yoga and the beautiful wisdom of Ayurveda and ancient philosophy to our modern world’s needs.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn and have a magical experience of yoga with this 200-hour yoga teacher training program. You will be immersed in a full time yoga experience, meeting like minded people, creating a support system and truly discovering your purpose as a yoga teacher.

This training will take you through the basic understanding of Yoga History and Philosophy, Asana, Breath and Meditation, Planning, Creating and Delivering high standard classes, but also, how to become a true yoga teacher. The program includes and has been created upon learning how to live and nourish your body and soul with a Yogic and Ayurvedic mindset and food. Moreover, you will have the chance to learn how to create Elements Flows, following the stages of the moon and themes with Chantal's "Element Mandalas", and you will be learning how to use, move and nurture your and your students' bodies with Matt's five stars Anatomy training!

This is not just a yoga teacher training but a journey of self-discovery and the perfect platform to find out how to become a special yoga teacher; navigate the reality of the trade and find career opportunities awaiting you after training! We want you to not be just a number in a trendy space; but a beacon of light others will follow.

What’s the deal?

24 days intensive, at a 5 stars historical palace in Northern Portugal , Hotel Paco de Vitorino

Dates: March 1st to the 24th 2020

All inclusive experience* with

Daily Plant Based Meals

Airport Transfers

Training material

Yoga Alliance Professionals Certification, which will allow you to join Yoga Alliance Professionals and get the most comprehensive, internationally recognised yoga insurance in the market.

*Flights and Personal expenses not included.

The course will have a maximum of 16 students, keeping it small enough to focus on each of you.

We have ten single Occupancy rooms and three shared rooms available


Early Bird discounts until January 1st 2020

Single occupancy: 3300€ vs standard price 3500€

Shared occupancy 3100€ vs standard price 3300€

All the details will be shared after your application but refer to the syllabus below for more details on what the course will cover:

Module 1: History and Philosophy of Yoga

Module 2: Yoga Asana and Pranayama

  1. Asana analysis

  2. Grouping and sequencing

  3. Sequencing formula

  4. Pranayama

Module 3: Teaching Methodology

  1. The role of the teacher and holding space

  2. Class planning and preparation

  3. Working with a theme

  4. Creative sequencing

  5. Mandala flow

Module 4: Assisting Students

  1. Methodology

  2. Trauma-sensitive teaching and consent

Module 5: Energetics and the Subtle Body 

  1. Prana

  2. Chakras and Nadis

  3. Koshas

  4. Gunas

Module 6: Living Yoga

  1. Ayurveda introduction

a. The meaning, history and understanding of Ayurveda

b. Self discover through Ayurveda (as a yoga teacher and yogi)

     2. Eating like a Yogi 

c.     Ayurvedic food principles  

d.  Ayurvedic meals (practical classes)

Module 7: Business of yoga

  1. The basics

  2. a.              Yoga CV

b.              Getting classes, getting experience

  1. Self-promotion

 .               Website, email newsletter

a.              Social media

b.              Collaborations and fun gigs 

c.              Ambassadorships 

Requirements: We require students to have practiced yoga for at least 2 years prior to enrolment, unless separately agreed otherwise. Kindly read and Sign our full Terms and Conditions and check out of FAQ page for more details